Clear Space for New Landscaping Projects

Stump grinding will maximize available land in the Hurst, TX area

When you begin a new landscaping project, you want level ground and open space. The last thing you need are objects that get in the way - especially bulky tree stumps.

Luckily, Twisted roots DFW offers stump grinding services to eliminate unwanted stumps in Hurst, TX or the surrounding areas. Whether you're planning to construct a garden or pour a concrete patio, you can count on our stump removals to create a smooth, unobstructed landscape.

Get rid of your stump immediately by calling 817-888-0086.

Three reasons to choose stump grinding

Stump removals can be costly services that require extra equipment and labor. By choosing stump grinding, you'll avoid paying expensive removal fees. Three more benefits to grinding include:

  1. Fast and efficient service
  2. Minimal digging in your yard
  3. Free wood chips for landscaping

Using our stump grinding machine, we'll cut away at your stump until it sits below ground level. Your unwanted stump will be buried in just a few hours.

When you're ready to update your landscape, reach out for a free estimate on stump grinding.

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